Wang et al. describe mapping over 40,000 sites of HIV DNA integration in a human T-cell line. This allows comparison of integration site positions to annotation of genomic features on the human genome sequence. Clicking the links under Step 1 below will bring you to the UCSC Human Genome Browser, and at the same time mount tracks of integration sites (HIV Avr and HIV Mse), together with custom expression data (Jurkat Expression Track) or annotation of LEDGF/p75 responsive genes analyzed in Jurkat T-cells or HC+EK 293T cells. The UCSC brower interface then allows further mounting of custom annotation tracks using the buttons below the main window. "Surfing" to regions of interest in the human genome is then possible by typing the chromosome number and coordinate into the field above the main window, or by clicking the chromosome diagram at the top of the display. In addition, you can surf to regions of interest described in the Wang et al. paper by clicking on any of the locations indicated under Step 2.Enjoy!



Step 1: Choose tracks of interest

Clicking on any of the links below will load these tracks individually into UCSC (these will open in a new window).
You may click on multiple tracks to load them sequentially.

Step 2: View regions of interest
(please do step 1 first!)

The following regions were of particular interest to this study: